barskin tent;bartender-in-the-box;beanbag chair;chef-in-the-box;clockwork bartender-in-the-box;clockwork chef-in-the-box;clockwork maid;cottage;meat golem;Meat maid;picture of you;spooky scarecrow;cold clusterbomb;hot clusterbomb;sleaze clusterbomb;spooky clusterbomb;stench clusterbomb;ammonite candy mold;banana supersucker;bananarama bangle;belemnite candy mold;blank fudge mold;kumquartz ring;kumquat supersucker;lime supersucker;pair of pearidot earrings;pear supersucker;strawberry supersucker;strawberyl necklace;tourmalime tourniquet;trilobite candy mold;ice skate decoy;ice skate doll;roller skate decoy;roller skate doll;annealed drippy orb;drippy bromide;drippy enzyme;drippy flux;drippy ichor;drippy pigment;drippy salt;gooey drippy candy bar;gory drippy orb;lustrous drippy orb;salty drippy candy bar;writhing drippy candy bar;Choker of the Ultragoth;Earring of Fire;groovy prism necklace;Ice-Cold Aluminum Necklace;Ice-Cold Beer Ring;Ice-Cold Beerring;Mudflap-Girl Earring;Mudflap-Girl Necklace;Mudflap-Girl Ring;Nose Ring of Putrescence;Pendant of Fire;Putrid Pendant;Ring of Fire;Ring of the Sewer Snake;The Ring;Unspeakable Earring;filigreed hamethyst earring;filigreed hamethyst necklace;filigreed hamethyst ring;pulled porquoise earring;pulled porquoise pendant;pulled porquoise ring;solid baconstone earring;solid baconstone necklace;solid baconstone ring;dusty animal skull;fertilized ghuol egg;goat;holiday log;hovering sombrero;maple leaf;ninja pirate zombie robot head;pair of ragged claws;pirate skull;reassembled blackbird;reconstituted crow;rewinged stab bat;sabre-toothed lime cub;scary death orb;aerated diving helmet;asshat;badass belt;beach glass necklace;beer goggles;Bonerdagon necklace;box-in-the-box;box-in-the-box-in-the-box;boxing glove on a spring;carrot-on-a-stick;charged magnet;clockwork detective skull;club of corruption;corrupt club of corrupt corruption;corrupt club of corruption;detective skull;disembodied smile;enchanted eyepatch;eXtreme nose ring;gnatwing earring;gnoll-tooth necklace;Gnollish autoplunger;grass whistle;Mark I Steam-Hat;Mark II Steam-Hat;Mark III Steam-Hat;Mark IV Steam-Hat;Mark V Steam-Hat;office-supply crossbow;oyster basket;peace-sign necklace;phat turquoise bracelet;pretty bouquet;spooky staff;wholeberd;wings of fire;burrowgrub hive;chitinous pod;gnashing teeth;mass of wriggling tentacles;pair of twitching claws;parasitic claw;parasitic headgnawer;parasitic strangleworm;parasitic tentacles;wriggling tentacle;double barreled barrel gun;triple barreled barrel gun;baconstone-handled sixgun;hamethyst-handled sixgun;porquoise-handled sixgun;nicksilver ring;quicksilver ring;sicksilver ring;slicksilver ring;thicksilver ring;ticksilver ring;wicksilver ring;government;doll-eye amulet;meteorite earring;meteorite necklace;meteorite ring;bomb of unknown origin;floaty rock necklace;hot daub;imbued seal-blubber candle;Potion of Heroism;rusty metal key;scrap of sticky paper;smoked potsherd;torquoise ring;barrel beryl choker;barrel beryl nose ring;barrel beryl ring;moon-amber necklace;Pendant of Gargalesis;pine cone necklace;green marshmallow;gunwale whalegun;murderbot live wire;murderbot mask;murderbot shield unit;murderbot spring injector;murderbot whip;brainy skull;cog and sprocket assembly;decaying wooden oar;full meat tank;giant fishhook;meat engine;meat stack;ND;nothing-in-the-box;nothing-in-the-box-in-the-box;rusty old lantern;sprocket assembly;WA;bartender skull;chef skull;clockwork bartender head;clockwork chef head;clockwork maid head;lifeless meat doll;maid head;meat face;Meat maid body;clockwork pirate skull;leaf;one-winged stab bat;pirate zombie head;pirate zombie robot head;candy cane candygram;peppermint parasol;baconstone earring;baconstone pendant;baconstone ring;dark baconstone ring;dark hamethyst ring;dark porquoise ring;hamethyst earring;hamethyst necklace;hamethyst ring;porquoise eyebrow ring;porquoise necklace;porquoise ring;99.44% pure math;corrupted bird DNA;dove DNA;handful of napalm;memory of a CA base pair;memory of a CG base pair;memory of a CT base pair;memory of a GT base pair;memory of an AG base pair;memory of an AT base pair;abridged dictionary;bitchin' meatcar;blessed large box;bone rattle;dope wheels;furry brown pillow;Harold's hammer;headpiece of the Staff of Ed;heavy metal sonata;heavy metal thunderrr guitarrr;hosed fishbowl;hosed tank;intragalactic rowboat;makeshift SCUBA gear;makeshift SCUBA gear;makeshift yakuza mask;pair of rhinoceros horns;pumpkin carriage;skeleton key;Staff of Ed;Staff of Ed;Staff of Ed, almost;Talisman o' Namsilat;tambourine;Wand of Nagamar;rainbow pearl earring;rainbow pearl necklace;rainbow pearl ring;blue LavaCo Lamp™;capped blue lava bottle;capped green lava bottle;capped red lava bottle;green LavaCo Lamp™;insulated gold wire;red LavaCo Lamp™;A Beginner's Guide to Charming Snakes (used);A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1 (used);A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 (used);A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3 (used);A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4 (used);A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5 (used);A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6 (used);Autobiography Of Dynamite Superman Jones (used);CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 1) (used);CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 2) (used);CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 3) (used);CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 4) (used);CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 5) (used);Ellsbury's journal (used);Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy (shredded);Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration (crumpled);sandpaper;Tales of a Kansas Toymaker (used);The Art of Slapfighting (used);The Joy of Wassailing (used);The Necbronomicon (used);Uncle Romulus (used);Zu Mannkäse Dienen (used);empty hourglass;etched hourglass;hourglass;Flaskfull of Hollow;Golden Light;Handsome Devil;Louder Than Bomb;buffed alien drugs;4-d camera;evil golden arches;NG;opium grenade;present;pumpkin bomb;rainbow bomb;really really sticky spider web;really sticky spider web;wang;vampire pearl earring;vampire pearl necklace;vampire pearl ring;goblin bone hilt;loose blade